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The Las Cruces Moms Staff is constantly scouring the ‘net to find you articles and blogs that are hilarious, uplifting, touching, informative, and everything in between. These are so good, we couldn’t keep it to ourselves!

When we find a good blog or article, we’ll post it here!


Fall is in the air! It’s only a matter of time when we get to go Pumpkin Festival’ing, Enchilada Fiesta’ing, and all the other Festivals that make this our favorite season! Why not get a hearty meal in while you’re at it? Check out this Slow Cooker Recipe for Breakfast!


Miley, Miley, Miley. It seems that the young starlet has really made a few (hundred? thousand? million?) parents upset with her latest performance at the VMA’s. Well, we can’t raise her as our own but we can let our own kids know just how we feel about this dance move and the people who do it in public.


Andrea loved her recipes so much that some of her favorites were added to the Las Cruces Moms Cookbook! The Comfort of Cooking has us all waiting for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Find your next kitchen creation with Georgia Johnson here!



OK, ladies…we don’t have any excuses. This blog is from a mom who literally went from a couch potato to a marathon runner! It’s not all easy and she shares her journey. Take a peek! If you like her or any of the other blogs mentioned be sure to like, follow, and tell them Las Cruces Moms sent you!



A lot of our moms have little ones starting school or going back. While some of us might be celebrating with mimosas, some might go through a box of Kleenex. Here’s a blog for those of you who might do a little of both.


Here is this week’s pick. It’s snarky, it’s bad advice, and I LOVE the Mary Cay story!



Check out the first blog we couldn’t stop laughing (and relating) to:

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